PEAK expanded to benefit dual credit students
Posted By: Ashlee Estlack - 8/21/2016 2:00:00 PM

The cost of a college education is now even more affordable for Clarendon High School students thanks to the expansion of the PEAK Scholarship program.

As part of a pilot program, the PEAK will now pay for current Clarendon High School students to take dual credit courses through Clarendon College.

The PEAK was originally designed to provide two years of "last-dollar scholarship" for CHS graduates to attend CC, but a $60,000 commitment by the Clarendon College Foundation has broadened the program to cover dual credit courses.

Starting this fall, the PEAK will fully fund the first three face-to-face hours of dual credit courses per semester for eligible high school students.

“The Clarendon College Foundation is pleased to be able to broaden this opportunity for Clarendon High School students through the PEAK Scholarship Fund,” Clarendon College Foundation President Walt Knorpp said.  “We hope that this pilot program paves the way for even better things to come that will make college even more affordable for students in Donley County.”

Clarendon College President Dr. Robert Riza says this is exciting news for the students of Clarendon High School and their parents.

“Clarendon College has long been an affordable route to higher education, but now, with the help of the College Foundation and the school administration, the PEAK will potentially benefit every student at CHS,” Riza said.  “Every dual credit class paid for by this fund is one step closer to a college degree without mom or dad having to foot the bill.”

Clarendon CISD Superintendent Mike Norrell echoed Riza’s comments on the cost savings to students.

“This partnership sends a message that post-secondary education is important enough to use our limited resources on.” Norrell said. “Additionally, this partnership works to give all of our students an opportunity to succeed and earn college hours without accumulating the crippling student debt that is plaguing many of our country’s graduates.  We are proud to make an investment in all of our students and work with Clarendon College and its Foundation toward this purpose.”

In addition to the PEAK Scholarship, Donley County students benefit from a tuition cap instituted last year by Clarendon College.  For dual credit students, the College picks up the tab for anything above and beyond the first 3 hours of tuition and fees, and for full-time students tuition and fees are capped at the first twelve hours.

“This pilot program, combined with our tuition cap for Donley County students, represents an enormous savings for local students,” Riza said.  “Local partnerships such as this one offer great opportunities our rural students and can put a college education within their grasp.”

The PEAK Scholarship is funded through annual fundraisers conducted by Clarendon ISD students and organizations, and through donations from individuals and businesses.

For more information on the PEAK Scholarship or to donate to this fund, please visit