Dr. John Howard

Dr. John Howard - Chairman

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Jerry Woodard

Jerry Woodard - Vice-Chair

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Delbert Robertson - Secretary

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Douglas Lowe - Member

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Jack A. Moreman.- Member

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Ruth Robinson - Member

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Dr. Bill Sansing - Member

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Susie Shields - Member

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tex selvidge

Leonard "Tex" Selvidge

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CC POLICY # 1210
(Updated 7-21-2011 TACC BBC)
(Updated 8-16-2012 TACC BBA)


Section 1.  Composition. The Board of Regents shall consist of nine members elected at large by the qualified voters of the Clarendon College District; each member will be elected for a term of six years, and three members will be elected on even-numbered years.
Section 2.  Election of Regents.  The College Board election shall be held on the First Saturday in May each even-numbered year in accordance with the election laws of the State of Texas.  To be eligible to be a candidate for, or elected or appointed to, the office of College Regent, a person must:  

Any legal resident (“Residence’ defined in election code 1.015 TACC) of this district may become a candidate for a place on the Board of Regents by filing written application with the Board of Regents, asking that his/her name be placed on the official ballot; similar petitions may be filed requesting that certain names be placed on the ballot.  Such requests or petitions may be filed not later than thirty days prior to the date of the election. An individual seeking election or appointment to the office of board member must have been a resident of the state for 12 months, and a resident of the district from which the office is elected for six months, prior to the last date on which the candidate could file to be listed on the ballot or in case of appointment six months prior to the day on which the appointment is made.

“Residence” shall mean domicile, one’s home and fixed place of habitation to which one intends to return after any temporary absence.  A person does not acquire a residence in a place to which the person has come for temporary purposes and without the intention of making that place the person’s home.  A person elected to serve as a board member must remain a resident of the college district throughout the term of office. A board member who ceases to reside in the college district vacates his or her office.

Official Oaths:  A member of the board must take the proper oath of office before taking up the duties of the office.  Education code 130.082(d)

The members of the Board of Regents shall hold office for a period of six years, or until their successors are elected and qualified.

A board member may resign by delivering written notice, signed by the board member, to the presiding officer of the board.  The Board may not refuse to accept a resignation.

If a board member submits a resignation, whether to be effective immediately or at a future date, a vacancy occurs on the date the resignation is accepted by the board or on the eighth day after the date of its receipt by the Board, whichever is earlier.

A board member shall continue to perform the duties of their office until their successors shall be duly sworn in.  Until that time, the board member continues to serve and have the duties and powers of office and continues to be subject to the nepotism provision.  A holdover board member may not vote on the appointment of his or her successor.

When a vacancy occurs on the Board of Regents, the remaining members of the board shall be authorized to fill this vacancy by appointment until the next regular election of members to the Board as provided by law.

Section 3.  Election of Officers.  The Board of Regents at its first regular meeting following the date of the election shall organize by electing a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary-Treasurer from among its members, each of whom shall serve for a period of two years or until a successor is elected and qualified.  Each official shall be elected by majority vote of the members present.

Section 4. Regular Meetings. The Board of Regents shall meet regularly on the  third Thursday of each month, at 11:45 AM in the Bairfield Activity Center on the campus of Clarendon College, Clarendon, Texas.

Section 5.  Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson of the Board of Regents at a time permitting compliance with laws governing public meetings, and/or by any two members of the Board upon notices either written or oral to all members of the Board at a time permitting compliance with laws governing public meetings.

Section 6.   Executive Committee.  The Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, and the Secretary constitute the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents.

Section 7.  Special Committees.  Special committees may be appointed by the Chairperson of the Board on authorization by the Board.  Such committees shall be appointed to perform specific duties.  When the work of the committee has been completed, the committee shall be automatically dissolved.

The work of all such special committees shall be fact-finding and advisory, and only in exceptional cases legislative or administrative, and only then by majority vote of the Board.

No committee shall have power to act administratively unless specifically empowered to act by the Board of Regents, and the committee shall report its action to the Board at its next regular meeting after action has been taken.

Fact finding and advisory committees shall report their findings and recommendations first to the Board of Regents, either through a written report or at a regular or special meeting.  Committees shall not publish or release any such reports to others prior to presentation to the members of the Board.

Section 8.  Conflict of Interest/Disclosure.  The presiding officer of the board must have no contractual, employment, or personal or familial financial interest in the institution.  The majority of other voting members of the board must have no contractual, employment, or personal or familial financial interest in the institution.

If a Regent or a person related to a Regent in the first degree by either affinity or consanguinity has a substantial interest in a business entity or in real property, the Regent, before a vote or decision on any matter involving the business entity or the real property, shall file an affidavit with the Secretary of the Board of Regents stating the nature and extent of the interest and shall abstain from further participation in the matter. (Local Gov’t Code 171.004)
The Board shall take a separate vote on any budget item specifically dedicated to a contract with a business entity in which a Regent has a substantial interest.  The affected Regent shall not participate in that separate vote, but may vote on the final budget if he/she has filed the affidavit and the matter in which he/she is concerned has been resolved. (Local Gov’t Code 171.005)

A Regent who is a stockholder, officer, director, or employee of a bank that has bid to become a depository for the College shall not vote on the awarding of a depository contract to said bank.  (Education Code 45.204)

If a Regent has a substantial interest in a bank with which the District is considering entering into a loan or other transaction besides a depository contract, then the Regent must comply with the affidavit and abstention requirements.  (Atty. Gen Op. JM-1082 (1989); Local Gov’t Code 171.004)

Section 9. Quorum Requirements.   The presence of five members of the Board of Regents shall constitute a quorum and a majority vote of those members present shall be required on all matters voted upon by the Board.  If a quorum shall not be present at any meeting, the Regents present may recess the meeting without notice other than announcement at the meeting, until a quorum shall be present.

Section 10.  Voting.  Voting shall be done by the show of hands; each member’s vote, or failure to vote, shall be recorded.  The Chairperson of the Board of Regents shall have a vote.  The President of Clarendon College is not a member of the Board and does not have a vote.

Section 11.  Removal from Office.  Board members may be removed from Board membership for incompetency, official misconduct, intoxication, non attendance of regularly scheduled board meetings, or conviction by a jury for any felony or for misdemeanor official misconduct.  "Official misconduct" includes conviction of an offense relating to violation of purchase procedures.  Actions for removal of Board members must be brought before the district judge holding jurisdiction, except that any court convicting a Regent of a felony or official misconduct shall order immediate removal.  Tex. Const., Art V, Sec. 24; Loc. Gov’t. Code 87.011, 87.012, 87.013, 87.031; Education Code 44.032 (e).


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