The Office Technology Certificate Program's inception was in l982 at the Clarendon College-Pampa Center campus in Pampa, Texas. The program is a vocational program designed to benefit both students and employers in need for an updated training as an office assistant. The program is offered to students of all ages. The age ranges of the students have been from 17 to 60.

The students have varied backgrounds, ages and goals. The program reflects the individual approach (specific courses such as accounting or computer courses, may be taken in specialized units) but the primary objective of the program is to provide professional preparation for persons intending to occupy office assistant position in the business offices of the greater Pampa area by earning a certificate of completion.

All students will be proficient at the end of the nine month course in specific courses such as: professional office skills, business math, business English, computational skills, Keyboarding I, II, Bookkeeping I, II, records managements, medical office simulation and business communication skills. Advanced computer applications such as word processing (MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Power Point), are also taught.

Since the first graduating class of 1982, the college has produced many graduates that completed all phases of the program. Many others have attended taking specific courses in certain phases such as word processing, or bookkeeping.

The completed program consists of four phases of eight weeks each (August thru May). The students attend classes Monday thru Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The graduate receives a certificate of achievement and proficiency in the Office Technology field. Free job placement is available to local and area business people upon completion.

Entry into the class requires a GED or high school diploma. Applications for Pell grants, student loans, and scholarships are available upon request.

This OT Program has had 95-100% job placement for the last ten years of existence.