Clarendon College has a rich tradition in livestock and meats judging. This program is one of the strongest and most respected in the nation. Students participating in the Clarendon College Livestock Judging program learn how to select, evaluate and judge cattle, sheep, swine and horses. Students participating in the Clarendon College Meats Judging Program will be trained by members of the meats program at Texas Tech University. These programs provide students with valuable skills such as critical thinking, public speaking and working in a team atmosphere. Scholarships will be awarded to interested students that apply, are accepted to the college, and are eligible.


FEBRUARY 4, 2014

The Clarendon College Meats Judging team has done it again.

The team has just returned from Fort Worth where they won by 67 points.

Hailey Dimitroff was High Point Individual, Kiersten Scott placed 3rd high, and Jessica Humphrey placed 4th high.  Lane Harrington also competed.

In the Alternate Division, Shelby Lee was High Point Individual; Derick Shurr, 2nd High; Sabra Barnett, 3rd High; Mitch Garvin, 6th High; and Augustus Holbein, 7th High.

The Meats Judging team is coach by Tate Corliss.



JANUARY 20, 2014

The Clarendon College Meat and Livestock Judging teams were both in Denver last week for the National Western contests. 

The Meat Judging team was the champion team winning by 157 points.  The Livestock team battled it out with 25 other teams and rounded out the contest with an 11th place finish out of 25 teams in the traditional contest, and 8th place out of 26 teams in the Carload Contest.

For the Meats team, individually there were 4 students in the top 5.  Hailey Dimitroff was High Individual, Jessica Humphrey 2nd, Lane Harrington 3rd, and Kiersten Scott 5th.  The team is now sitting 2 for 2 for 2014 contests.  For the Alternates Meats Contest Sabra Barnett was high individual, Courtney Wingate 2nd, Shelby Lee 4th, Derick Shurr 5th, Mitch Garvin 6th and Gus Holbein 7th.  The Meats Teams are coached by Tate Corliss.

The Livestock team members who competed were Brianna Peraza, Scotta Faulkenberry, Abbi Boggess, Ben Raulston, Conner McKowen, Clayton Goodwin, and Morgan Boyer.  The Livestock team is coached by Johnny Treichel.



JANUARY 14, 2014

The 2013 National Champion Clarendon College Meats Judging team was extremely successful this past weekend with a big win at the Southwest International Invitational in Lubbock. 

Clarendon won the contest with 3626 points, Western Texas College was a distant 2nd with 3221 points and Tarleton was 3rd with 3155 points.

Clarendon College students brought home 8 of the top 10 individual placing spots and finished as follows: 1st Jessica Humphrey; 2nd Kiersten Scott; 3rd Lane Harrington; 5th Hailey Dimitroff; 6th Sabra Barnett; 8th Mitch Garvin; 9th Shelby Lee; and 10th Courtney Wingate.