All Classes Are Currently Meeting as scheduled.

School Closings/Delays

In the event of inclement weather or other reasons requiring the closing of the Campus or the delay of the start of classes, a notice will be placed on the College's weather hotline, 806-874-4850 and on the college's website, Facebook Page, and Twitter Feed.

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Students may also sign up to receive text message and email alerts through the Bulldog Alert System.

Click here for more about this system and to sign-up.


Information regarding closings and delays is also available on the following radio and/or television stations:

KLSR - Memphis 105.3 FM

KCTX - Childress 96.1 FM

KEFH - Clarendon 99.3 FM

KGRO - Pampa 100.3 FM

KOMX - Pampa 1230 AM

KGNC - Amarillo 97.9 FM

KFDA - CBS Channel 10 -

KAMR - NBC Channel 4 -

KVII - ABC Channel 7 -