Student Government Association

Clubs & Organizations

The College's student life program is designed to give students the opportunity for self-expression, to increase interest in academic courses, to promote good citizenship, and to provide wholesome recreation.

Tips for a Positive Experience


- Your attitude is your choice - choose a positive outlook
- When you feel that you need some stress relief, find a positive outlet, such as exercise, writing in a journal, meditation, or fishing.
- Eat a well-balanced diet - too much junk food can make it hard to study
- Keep your priorities, your priorities
- Find a positive outlet for anger and frustration (both of which are inevitable)
- Avoid alcohol and tobacco use
- Get involved! All work and no play makes for a burned-out student.


- Each hour in class requires two hours of study time
- Fill out your schedule in the table below - don't forget to include sleep time, study time, work hours, and other commitments outside of class.


- Remember that you're recording ideas and information, not every word the instructor says
- Use a loose outline format, leaving plenty of space to add details and/or insights later
- Keep your papers for each class organized in separate folders