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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body for the purpose of advising and recommending the formulation of policy pertaining to student life. It is also the purpose of the SGA to assist and advise in the planning and conduct of the activity programs, promotion of student participation in all aspects of College life, College morale, spirit, and general welfare of the College Campus.

The SGA is composed of class officers from both the sophomore and freshman classes and student representatives elected from each of those two classes. The president and the secretary are elected from the sophomore class and the vice president and the treasurer are elected from the freshman class. A reporter and a parliamentarian are officers elected at large. Other representatives to the SGA are elected by recognized organizations on Campus.

Under the supervision of the Dean of Students or designee, the SGA has overall responsibility for the student activities calendar. The SGA, clubs, and organizations may plan individual social or service activities. However, all activities must be approved before being placed on the Activity Calendar. Student activities will not be scheduled during the week of or the week preceding semester examinations.


Student Government Recommendations

When the SGA takes a position with reference to issues directly related to the College, it forwards its recommendation to the Dean of Students. This recommendation is typed and signed by the secretary of the SGA. Campus.

The Dean of Students is responsible for promptly processing the recommendation by referring it to the proper administrative, faculty, or staff office, or returning it to the SGA for further information or clarification.