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Access Book Loan

Clarendon College offers the opportunity for all full time students to apply for a CC Access Book Loan for any semester in which they are enrolled full time at Clarendon College. Completion of the Access Book Loan Application will determine your eligibility for an Access Book Loan. Final determinations and awards are provided by the Clarendon College Financial Aid Office.

Students must be recommended by a staff member, live on campus and meet one of the following qualifications:

1. Student must have at least a 2.0 G.P.A. from a previous institution (this includes high school and transfer credit). Please attach proof of G.P.A. Complete the student portion and submit this application to the Financial Aid Office.
2. Student must exhibit Financial Need. The point system outlined on the application has been set up to determine financial need for those students who have been recommended.
3. Student must have applied for all forms of financial aid.

For more information please contact Student Services at 806-874-3571. Application forms are available in Student Services or by clicking here.