Course Challenge Examinations

Students are eligible to apply for this examination if they earned predominately "A" grades in the subject in high school, scored exceptionally high on a nationally recognized test and/or if they can demonstrate to the division director significant and relevant experience in the subject area and a CLEP exam is not available in the course.  Final approval for a Course Challenge Exam must be obtained through the Dean of Instruction.

Once approval to test is obtained, the student is required to pay a fee. The testing fee is payable in   advance, and is non-refundable, regardless of the grade earned on the test. A grade of "B" (85) or better must be earned on the exam in order to receive credit for the course.  The course number, course title, and the number of semester credit hours earned will be recorded on the transcript.  No grade points are earned.  Credit may not be used to meet residency requirements.  Credit will not be posted until the student has completed 12 semester hours at Clarendon College.