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General Housing Information

Room & Board

What To Bring / What Not To Bring

Dormitory Floor Plans


Visitation/Quiet Hours

Residence Hall Directors/ Residence Advisors

Check-In / Check-Out



Litter / Damages

Living Off Campus

What to Bring

Mattress pad (twin size, extra long 36" x 80")
Sheets & blankets (twin size, extra long 36'' x 80")
Raincoat or umbrella
Winter Coat & Warm Clothes (it gets cold here in the winter) Clothes & hangers
Toiletries & grooming aids
Toiletry bucket (to carry your things to the shower)
Hair dryer
Shower shoes
TV/DVD Player/Stereo
Alarm clock
Necessary medication
First aid kit
Laundry bag & detergent
Cleaning supplies
Sewing kit
Surge protector & extension cord
Small ironing board & iron
Spare eyeglasses/contacts, and a current written
Microwave (Less than 700 Watts)

What NOT to bring

Expensive clothing or jewelry
Halogen lamps
Incense or candles


Pets of any kind (that includes goldfish) are not in allowed in college housing. Students participating in College sponsored programs, such as rodeo, which require students to bring their horses may do so, provided those animals are housed in the appropriate and designated areas. Only those animals necessary for participation in a specific program may be present on Campus. Other pets are not allowed on Campus at any time. The fine for having a pet in the residence hall (first offense) is $500.00, and the second offense is $750 fine and disciplinary sanctions. Pets found on campus will be collected and sent to the local animal shelter.


Students may have a refrigerator in their room, however no more than one refrigerator per room is allowed. Refrigerators must be less than three cubic feet in size.

Open Flames

Open flames of any kind are not allowed in or around the residence halls. Students may not light candles, incense, or other item that holds an open flame. BBQ grills or pits (charcoal burning, propane gas, or otherwise) are not allowed in or around the residence halls. The safety of all residents is a significant concern, and any student found violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.


The use of tobacco products (including smokeless products) is prohibited in all Clarendon College facilities. Smoking and the use of other tobacco products is allowed only in areas outside of College buildings. Therefore, the smoking, chewing, and dipping of tobacco products are strictly prohibited in all places of formal instruction on Campus, including, but not limited to, classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, libraries, activity centers, auditoriums, residence halls and residence hall rooms, and the cafeteria. Tobacco products are also prohibited in College vehicles. Students found using any form of tobacco in college facilities may be fined $50 for each offense.

Extension Cords

All extension cords not specifically approved by the Dean of Students are prohibited. Acceptable cords include those containing an in-line fuse or circuit breaker. Questions pertaining to approved types of extension cords should be directed to the Dean of Students.