Residence Status

Other Fees & Deposits

Payment Plan

Refund Policy

Room & Board Charges

Food Service Charges

Other Fees and Deposits

Distance Learning Tuition*

In-District Resident

$85 per credit hour

Gray and Childress County Residents

$99 per credit hour

Out-of-District Resident

$108 per credit hour


$139 per credit hour

*The distance learning tuition is charged when a course is taught off campus or electronically, and the normal tuition and required fees cannot be charged or are not appropriate.




Diploma Replacement Fee


Late Registration Fee


Change of Schedule Fee


Matriculation Fee (Withdraw prior to the first class day)


Returned Check Fee


Residence Hall Deposit



International Student

Application Fee








General Education Development (G.E.D.)


Quick THEA


Course Challenge Fee


Technical Program Assessment Fee (Per Course or Test)



Courses Fees & Deposits


AGRI 2471, AGRI 2372, AGRI 2374


AGRI 2373


All other Agriculture courses (Except AGRI 1131, 1325. 1329. & 2317)


Art (Except ARTS 1303 and 1304)


Computer Science



Practice Exam Fee (First Semester Only)


Written Exam Fee (First Semester Only)


Student Permit Fee (First Semester Only)


Cosmetology Course Fee (First Semester Only)


Developmental Studies (ENGL, ESOL, MATH, and READ)




Foreign Languages(Spanish)




Mathematics (MATH 1342, 2413, 2414, and 2415)


Office Technology




Physical Education



Men's Varsity Golf


PHED 1308, 1309, 1321, 1322


All other PE Activity Classes


Ranch & Feedlot Operations


Specialized Schools & Seminars (Fall)


Specialized Schools & Seminars (Spring)


Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)


Vocational Nursing


Insurance Fee (VN and CNA) (Spring Only)


Seminar Fee (per semester)


Assessment / Exam Fee (per semester)

$220 spring

$250 summer

$220 fall

Welding (Each Course)


Wind Energy


WIND 1370


ELMT 1191


Emergency Medical Training

Insurance Fee for EMT Basic


Insurance Fee for EMT Intermediate


Insurance Fee for EMT Paramedic


Internship / Cooperative



Livestock & Equine Center

Horse Stall Rental

$70/Month or $280/Semester

VCT Courses

0 to $500

Vocational Nursing

Permit Fee**


Board of Nursing Testing Fee*


*The VCT / ITV / Internet distance education course licensing fee is imposed only when the College incurs charges and/or fees for accessing the Virtual College of Texas, an instructional television site, and/or an Internet course on behalf of a student. These charges vary by course and by site. The actual charges and/or fees are then passed through to the student in the form of a course fee.

**Subject to change at the discretion of and payable to the Board of Nursing.