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Welcome to the Alumni Page!

Clarendon College values our alumni, community and friends.  We are excited to reconnect with alumni and friends, whether you have graduated, taken one class or count yourself a friend of the college. Please accept our invitation to partner with us as we continue to serve you and pursue educational excellence.



Clarendon College would like to have a record of your information for all former students, past employees, and friends of the college. 




Clarendon College would like to honor our outstanding alumni. We are accepting nominations to recognize our distinguished graduates.

  • Earned 30 credit hours at Clarendon College or was considered a full-time student for two semesters, and
  • Earned the respect and trust of his/her associates in his/her chosen field, or
  • Made substantial contributions to the good of his/her fellow human beings or be recognized as an outstanding practitioner of his/her profession or vocation, or
  • Served as a motivational force for others in a positive manner