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Clarendon College works to provide equal access to the college's programs, activities and services. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 prohibit discrimination in the recruitment, admission, and treatment of students with disabilities. Students with qualified and documented disabilities may request accommodations which will enable them to participate in and benefit from educational programs and activities. Students must provide appropriate documentation of the disability, submit a request for accommodations, and communicate with Clarendon College Disability Services. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable academic accommodations that a student needs due to his/her disability.


Students who are seeking support services (accommodations) on the basis of diagnosed disability are required to submit documentation to verify eligibility under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This documentation needs to be recent, preferably within the last five years. Disability documentation for the purpose of providing accommodations must both establish disability and provide adequate information on the functional impact of the disability so that effective accommodations can be identified.  In the context of postsecondary education, documentation should provide a decision-maker with a basic understanding of the individual's disability and enough information to anticipate how the current impact of the disability is expected to interact with the institution's structure of courses, testing methods, program requirements, etc. To request accommodations, please submit disability documentation, along with the Accommodation Request Packet to Janean Reish in Student Services.

PLEASE NOTE: Accommodations must be requested/renewed each semester by submitting the Accommodation Request Packet. Please read the packet for complete information about the process and the requirements.


All documentation related to student accommodations is confidential. Only college staff who are directly involved in reviewing student accommodation requests have access to students' records.


Each student who has been approved to receive accommodations will be provided an accommodation notification letter for each class. The letter contains only the accommodations approved for the student for that semester and does not disclose the nature of the disability/disabilities. It is the student's responsibility to present the letter to each of his/her instructors and communicate with them to make any arrangements needed for accommodations to be provided. Accommodations will not be implemented until the letter is provided to the instructor. If special preparations must be made by the instructor, allow sufficient time for the arrangements to be made after the letter is presented. If the student is enrolled in an online course that never meets directly with the instructor, the student is provided an electronic version of the letter for the student to email to his/her online instructor. 

Questions about the accommodation request process can be addressed to Janean Reish, by e-mail or by phone at (806) 874-4837.


Contact Information:

Disability Services

Janean Reish
Associate Dean of Enrollment Services
(806) 874-4837

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