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Please login to Moodlerooms by clicking the link below. If you have any problems or issues logging into Moodlerooms or Bulldogsmail, please e-mail


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Here is some information that may help you as you get started using many of the college's web services:

  1. Your Moodlerooms login will usually be the same username and password as your Student Portal login. If you do change your Moodlerooms password, it will be changed back to your Student Portal login on the next student upload. So, if you are unable to login using your changed password you might want to try your current Student Portal password. The student upload process will stop after the 13th class day.
  2. When you login to Moodlerooms there is a "Student Tutorials" link at the bottom of the Moodlerooms page on the left hand side. This link will provide answers to many questions you may have about Moodlerooms.
  3. The recommended browser for Moodlerooms is Firefox, however the very latest version of Internet Explorer 9 will work. Safari is not recommended for use with Moodlerooms. To get to the Firefox Download Page go here;  Apple's browser Safari is not recommended for this site.
  4. Please disable your browser's popup blocker. For instructions on how to turn off your pop-up blocker go to;
  5. Please enable cookies on your browser, for instructions on how to do this click here;
  6. Please use the college's Browser Checker to verify your browser's compatibility for Moodlerooms. The browser check can be found by clicking this link;
  7. Your Bulldogsmail/Office 365 login will generally be the same username and password as your original student portal username and password. Once your Bulldogmail account is created the original password is never changed again, unlike Moodlerooms. If you change your Bulldogsmail password, it will remain that way. Also, once your account has been created it belongs to you for as long as Microsoft continues this service. The college does not delete these accounts.
  8.  If you cannot login to Bulldogsmail please click the "Can't access your account?" link on the Office 365 login page.  When prompted, please enter your Student Portal username followed by the Bulldogsmail domain name, i.e.
  9. All email communications from the college will be directed to your Bulldogsmail address.
  10. For your own reference - in case the college's webpage becomes unavailable, please bookmark or add Moodlerooms as a favorite to your browser.  The direct web address to Moodlerooms is
  11. If you use a satellite Internet Service Provider, such as Wildblue, you may experience connectivity problems with Moodlerooms.  Please contact your instructor, call 806-874-4816, or email about this issue.

If you have any questions or issues regarding Bulldogsmail, Moodlerooms or the Student Portal please call 806-874-4816 or email

MOST 1200

Every student enrolled in an online course at Clarendon College will also be enrolled in MOST 1200 (Moodle Rooms Orientation Student Training). There is no need to repeat it if you completed it during a previous semester. The purpose of the training course is to prepare you to be more successful as an online student. You are encouraged to complete it before starting any of your other online coursework. The course is designed to be completed in around 2 hours.

When you log into Moodle Rooms, you will see it listed as a course option.

Online Courses

You will be able to log in to your online course once you are officially registered for the course and your online instructor has added you to the course roster. If your course is not available to you by the 3rd day of the semester, email your instructor from the Faculty Directory on the college's website.

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• How much time should an online class take?

• Taking Online Courses - Tips for Success

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