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TRWA Basic Water Works Operation (0092) June 29-July 1

Posted By: Donna Smith - 6/21/2021 9:01:46 PM
Texas Rural Water Association
Basic Water Works Operation June 29-July 1
JUNE 29-JULY 1, 2021
Member - $300 / Non-Member - $375

Basic Water Works Operation is a comprehensive course covering the elements necessary to become a
Class D Waterworks Operator. This 20- hour course can also be used for continuing education units
(CEU)  for  renewal  of Class  D  Water,  C  Ground  Water,  C  Surface Water and C Distribution

This basic course in water works operation will introduce the student to  the  important  
relationship  between  safe,  potable  (drinking) water and public health, as well as the critical
role that the water operator plays in maintaining a safe and ample supply of drinking water.    A
general introduction is presented covering the source, characteristics,  treatment,  production,  
disinfection,  storage  and distribution of potable water as practiced in Texas.   Instruction will
be  provided  concerning  general  hazards  and  safety  practices, basic  water  chemistry  and  
the  math  skills  necessary  for  the  new water system operator.

IMPORTANT: Pre-registration is encouraged.
Training class may be canceled due to low enrollment.

Payment for this course can be made to TRWA with registration or on the first day of class.
*Failure to make payment will cause a delay in CEU submittal to TCEQ*
Fax or mail this form to: TRWA, 1616 Rio Grande, Austin, TX 78701 - fax:512-472-5186 - ph.:
Registration is available on-line at