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Library Services Provided

Library Purpose
The purpose of the Clarendon College Library/LRC is to support the college curriculum and provide library services and resources to all Clarendon College students and faculty regardless of location. 

Library Mission
The mission of the Clarendon College Vera Dial Dickey Library is to provide resources and services to support the academic curriculum and to assist all library users in the development of lifelong learning and information literacy skills. The library staff focuses on meeting the users’ needs, providing learning opportunities, fostering relationships, supporting academic disciplines, and participating in the teaching process by assisting in information access and library instruction.

Library Card
Students are encouraged to register their Clarendon College Library Card. All Clarendon College students receive a library card as part of their tuition; the library card is part of the student ID card. It just takes a few minutes to add your library card’s number in the library’s computer. Clarendon College library cards are accepted at all participating Harrington Library Consortium (HLC) libraries, and must be presented at time of checkout.

Loan Periods
Books are checked out for two weeks. Toward the end of the semester the checkout period will be shorter to allow books to be returned by the end of the semester.  Reserve materials are checked out for two hours but cannot leave the library. The loan period for Inter-library Loan materials are set by the lending library; it is generally two weeks. Videocassettes and DVDs are checked out for three days, compact discs and magazines are for one week. Reference materials do not checkout; they are in-library use only.

Renewals are available upon request.
Books may be renewed in person, by email, or telephone by calling (806) 874-4815 or (800) 687-9737 ext. 118.  

Library Instruction/Orientations
Library Instruction/Orientation are available for new and returning students and faculty. Orientations consist of a general introduction to using the Library. In a hands-on setting, participants will learn about the wide variety of resources available on-line and have time to experiment with some of them, including the Online Catalog and selected databases. Our goal is for the library user to develop the ability to locate, evaluate and integrate information from all of the resources in the collection. Library staff is sensitive to the diverse learning styles and delivers customized instructional orientations, thus providing a life-long opportunity for users by allowing them to be self-directed and self-sufficient.

Please check with the staff for an available time. PowerPoint presentations over databases and online catalog can be found on the library’s webpage.

HLC (Harrington Library Consortium)
HLC is a computerized cooperative library network established to meet the informational and research needs of library users. It consists of over 100 public, academic, and school libraries providing a collection of over 3 million items. To check out materials from any of the libraries, users must have a valid HLC library card and be in good standing with the HLC libraries. It is the responsibility of the borrower to satisfy any financial obligation incurred at the lending library. Clarendon College will place a hold on a patron’s record until the fine is cleared and/or materials returned to the lending libraries. We cannot accept money for payment of fines that are due at another library, and we cannot accept materials that belong to another library; they must be returned to the appropriate library.

Affiliation Agreements
Affiliation agreements with other libraries and agencies are used to enhance the resources and services available to Clarendon College students and faculty. These agreements are not used by the library to avoid responsibility for providing adequate and readily accessible library resources and services. Formal agreements are formalized and annually evaluated by the library director.

Inter-library Loan (ILL)
Materials not available in the Clarendon College Library or Clarendon Public Library may be requested through Inter-library Loan by contacting the Clarendon College Library or filling out a request form on the Library’s website. The requesting library patron must have a library card that is in good standing.
This service generally takes 2-8 weeks and delivery by the date requested is not guaranteed due to the lending library’s ability to fill the request. The ILL service is free to students requesting ILL from the Clarendon College Library. There is a $3.00 shipping fee for non Clarendon College students. Students requesting from another HLC library will have to go by that library’s policies, which may include a shipping fee for their ILL services. To ensure proper check-in and return of material to the lending library, return all inter-library materials to the Library staff. In order to prevent a late fee from the lending library, contact Clarendon College library at least four days before the due date.  Lending library may or may not approve renewal if material is late.

Inter-campus Library Loan Service (ICLL)
This service is currently for the Pampa Campus students only. Off-campus library users are encouraged to checkout materials form the college library. Students can request books online with their registered student ID/library card.  Students can register their library cards at the main office in Pampa or the Clarendon College Library in Clarendon. Once the request is received the item will be mailed to the Pampa Center’s main Office for student pick up. Students must show their student ID when picking up the item. Items will be checked out to the students to the student for two weeks. Students may call 806-(806) 874-4815 or email to renew their items for another two weeks. When ready to return the item, just drop it off at the Pampa Center’s main office. Students will be responsible for any late fees on the item checked out to them. Items not returned or fees not paid will cause a hold to be placed on the student’s record at the end of the semester.

TexShare Library Card
Clarendon College, along with other academic and public libraries in Texas, participate in a state funded program established to allow participants to share resources. TexShare libraries have agreed to extend free reciprocal borrowing privileges to each other’s patrons in an effort to provide direct access to materials that are not available at the home library. Each library has specific rules and regulations that apply to borrowed materials. Please check the lending policy of the library you are going to before attempting to borrow materials.
For a list of participating members and their library policies visit the TexShare webpage.

Free Database Trials
From time to time the library implores input from students and faculty regarding their opinion of databases the library is considering for purchase. The library will notify all Clarendon College students and faculty that the free trial is available via the college e-mail or flyers. Users will have an opportunity let the librarians know what they think about the database.

An electronic memo/newsletter will be sent to faculty and posted for students, to inform them of new books and magazines, special library displays, programs, exhibits, workshop, or other highlights that are of educational, instructional and informational value.

Students have access to computers for research, homework, tutoring, and individualized library instruction. The Library provides computers, software, and internet access in order to assist students with research and study needs. Computers are available for all library users; however priority is given to currently enrolled Clarendon College students for education use or reserved classes or testing.
There are 30 computers in the LRC and 10 in the center of the library for student use. Students can also bring their personal laptops and use the free Wi-Fi available in the library.
Clarendon College dual credit students can use TexShare electronic resources on any of the college campuses in which they are enrolled, their local public library, and remotely from other locations. They may not share their access information with other students or teachers and should only use TexShare electronic resources for the Clarendon College Course in which they are enrolled.

Printing in the Clarendon College Library is done remotely from the computers. When you press "PRINT" from your computer, the information is sent to a central printer or copier located in or at the entrance of the computer lab. The library does not charge CC students for printing at this time. In order for the library to continue this free service, we ask that you be very selective when printing. If your document does not print the first time, check with library staff before pressing print a second time.

Photocopy Service
The library has a copier available to all library users. Copies are ten cents per copy for non-class related copies or for non-student users. The Library supports the copyright law and recognizes fair use by educational institutions.

Copyright Notice
The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies of reproductions of copyrighted material. All library users are expected to obey the copyright law in their use of print, audiovisual, and microcomputer software. Illegal copies of copyrighted material may not be made or used on equipment owned by the college.

Equipment/Media Services
The Library provides audiovisual equipment and resources to support classroom assignments. Most classrooms are equipped with an LCD projector, a
document camera, and the capability to play a DVD or CD. The library has the following audiovisual equipment available for student use in the library: TV, VCR player, DVD player, CD player, tablets, scanner, typewriter and more. Students wishing to borrow Tablets must sign and agree that they are responsible for the equipment and will pay for any damages that may be done to the equipment while in their possession.

Tablet Checkout Guidelines and Procedures: (In house use only)

  • Current Clarendon College borrowers must present a current Clarendon College library cards to check out a tablet. Card must be in good standing in order to borrow.
  • Data should be saved on your own form of storage. Data saved to the hard drive will be erased on return.
  • Borrowers should immediately report any technical difficulties to library staff.
  • Borrower must complete a loan agreement accepting responsibility for any loss or damage to the computer. Costs for damage attributable to the borrower will be charged to that borrower.
  • Tablets may be checked out for two hours and may not be renewed if there is someone waiting on the tablet.
  • Tablets must be returned to library staff. Never leave the laptop unattended.

Tablets have the following computer programs and features:

  • Touch screen
  • Internet Explorer, Microsoft edge, Chrome
  • Microsoft Office 2016 - Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Windows 10 Pro, 64bit
  • There is access to games and Netflix.

Multimedia Areas
The library has areas where students can watch videos or DVDs. These areas are equipped with either a TV/VCR combinations, DVD player, or a CD player. Library policies about food, drinks, and cell phones also apply to multimedia areas.

Group Study Areas
Group study areas are available for group studying. Areas are used on a first come first served basis; however a 2 hour limit may be imposed as needed. Library policies about food, drinks, and cell phones also apply to the study areas.

Work Room / Testing Room
Students needing to take the TSI or other test have access priority over this room. In the evening hours the future plan is to have this room set up as a call center for online tutoring. When not being used for testing or tutoring this room can be a quiet place for students to work on assignments. The Testing Room includes seating for 5, 3 being computer workstations. 

Bulletin Boards and Display areas
The library maintains several bulletin boards and display areas at the front of the library. The college and library schedules educational, cultural and recreational activities for the students and community. The library is a place for information and the bulletin boards is one place to find out what is going on at Clarendon College. The library has one bulletin board for library staff use only and two bulletin boards for College and other bulletins. In order to post on the bulletin boards please contact the Library Director.  

Where can I get Help? / Reference Service
The library provides qualified librarians willing to help students with their informational needs. Individualized assistance is available upon request for assistance in using the computers, on-line catalog, databases, reference materials, etc. Telephone references are available by calling the library at (806) 874-4815 or (800) 687-9737, ext. 116; or by e-mailing your questions to

Contact the library to request free tutoring offered by the Learning Resource Center (LRC) Coordinator and qualified students. To sign up to be a tutor please contact the Learning Resource Center Coordinator. Tutoring will take place in the LRC or Call Center. Subject covered by current tutors include English, History, Math, and more. Times for the tutors are posted on the window when entering the LRC.

BrainFuse offers personalized online tutoring through recorded sessions and live tutors covering a wide variety of subjects, 24 hours a day. Students are able to interact with a live tutor, submit a question, create flashcards, and more with BrainFuse. Students can access BrainFuse form any computer on or off campus. BrainFuse is located in the Student Portal and accessed with the same username and password as their Student Portal login. See the LRC Coordinator for more information. 

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