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Mathematics and Physics

My name is Dr. Jeremy Sain, and I am originally from Wellington, Texas.  I'm proud to say that my parents met and married when they were students at Clarendon College, so Bulldog has been in my blood for a long time!

I attended Texas Tech University, where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Physics.  I then attended UC Berkeley, where I received a Ph.D. in Mathematics.  My current research interests are in quantum synthetic geometry.

Besides math, I also love music.  I can play piano and most stringed instruments, and I sing bass.  I have recorded a couple of clawhammer banjo CDs for the gift shop at the Charles Goodnight Historical Center.  I lead the worship on Sundays for Quail Baptist Church, and also play for the JUMP college ministry on Wednesdays.  I arrange and compose music as well.

 In the sidebar, there is a game I created to help teach sight words.  The spreadsheet will generate two groups of 18 words that will have exactly one word in common, and the game is to find the common word the fastest.  If you are interested, the mathematics behind the word generation is just a model of the projective plane of order 17.