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Request a Transcript

Due to the COVID-19, the recommended way to receive transcripts is the the Parchment service.

Clarendon College provides a permanent record or transcript of courses taken and credit earned for all students officially enrolled.  Upon written request by a student, the Registrar's Office will send the students transcript from Clarendon College to any college, agency, or individual names.  All financial obligations and admissions requirements to the College must be paid and/or met before a transcript will be issued. Holds will prevent transcripts or diplomas from being released.

Your official Clarendon College transcript may be requested in the following three ways.

IN PERSON bring a photo ID:

    • In Clarendon - to the Registrar's office in the Instructional Center, 1122 College Dr.
    • In Pampa - to the main office of the CC Pampa Center, 1601 W Kentucky St.
    • In Childress - to the main office of the CC Childress Center, 1902 Ave. G NW Suite 1.

ONLINE as an eTranscript Certified PDF delivered via email through our secure, electronic PDF delivery process.   eTranscripts are digitally signed which is reflected in the blue ribbon found on the top of the document.  The digital certification requires the computer used for viewing be connected to the internet to refresh the certificate.  When printed, the printed copy will say "Copy of Official" - it is only certified official in the electronic format. A processing fee of $3.02 is charged for the Certified PDF version of transcripts and payment must be made with a credit or debit card. Please note: Transcripts requested online through Parchment will be processed within 24 business hours.

Certified PDF via Parchment (click here to go to the Parchment site) 
         You must create an account to use the parchment service. 

MAILED TRANSCRIPT via the request form below. Please note: Transcripts requested through this form will be processed within 2-3 business days. Allow 5-7 days for delivery.


Clarendon College no longer accepts requests sent via fax.

Where will the transcript be sent: