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Honors College Application


What is the Honors College?

The Honors College is designed to encourage dual credit students who attend Clarendon College to complete either the core curriculum or an associate’s degree within two consecutive long semesters while living on campus in Clarendon.

Tuition Waiver

Students who are accepted into the Honors College will have tuition and fees waived for the number of dual credit hours earned prior to graduation from high school.  This waiver can not be combined with any other Clarendon College institutional scholarship.

Who is eligible?

Clarendon College dual credit students who graduate high school in May/June and have passed at least 24 semester credit hours of dual credit academic course work at Clarendon College and who have at least a 2.50 grade point average will be accepted into the Honors College program.  Specialized admission is available for those with fewer than 24 hours, please speak with an advisor.


Students attending the Honors College are required to live on campus and purchase a meal plan.

Honors Advantage

Students will have access to specialized transfer advising from both Texas Tech University and West Texas A&M University.  Students will also be given opportunities to attend transfer days at both universities.  An Honors College distinction will also be listed on the student’s diploma upon graduation from Clarendon College.

Community Service

Honors College students will be expected to participate in community service hours. Community service log form.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Students who qualify for Phi Theta Kappa will be inducted during the fall semester.

Donley County Residents

Donley County residents are eligible to participate in the Honors College Program without living in the residence halls, but will not be eligible for the tuition waiver.  Donley County residents will have their tuition capped at 12 semester credit hours per semester, and they can use other local and Clarendon College institutional scholarships.


Honors College Application


Contact Tex Buckhaults at 806-874-4808 or  E-mail