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SACSCOC Student Achievement

Clarendon College identifies, evaluates and publishes goals and outcomes for student achievement, appropriate to the College’s mission, the nature of the students we serve and the kinds of programs offered.  The institution has identified five measures to document student success:

       1) National Student Clearinghouse Total Completion Rate
       2) Course Success Rate
       3) Persistence Rate
       4) Graduate Success Rate
       5) Certificate and Licensure Pass Rates

The following tables include specific data on these student achievement measures, including thresholds of acceptability, recent trends, and performance goals.

Table 1.  National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) Total Completion Rate

The NSC Total Completion Rate was selected as the College’s graduation rate for measuring student achievement. This measure counts both full-time and part-time FTIC students who graduate within six years, and includes those who transfer out and graduate from another institution. Source: National Student Clearinghouse

2017 2018 2019   Threshold
NSC Total Completion Rate 31.5% 40.2% 39.5% 29.2%



Table 2.  Course Success Rate

The course success rate is the percentage of courses that students complete successfully by earning a grade of “C” or better relative to the total number of courses attempted in a given academic year.  Source: Institutional Data

2017 2018 2019    Threshold Goal
Course Success Rate 81.0% 79.4% 81.1% 70.0%



Table 3.  Persistence Rate

The persistence rate is defined as the percentage of first-time, credential-seeking students enrolled in at least 12 semester credit hours (SCH) in the fall semester who are still enrolled at the same or another Texas public or private (independent) institution the following fall semester.   Source: THECB Accountability Report

2017 2018 2019   Threshold
Persistence Rate 71.0% 74.6% 68.8% 68.0%



Table 4.  Graduate Success Rate

The educational and economic success of graduates is the fourth measure of student achievement for Galveston College. This metric is defined as the percentage of students who are employed in the fourth quarter of the calendar year in which the fiscal year ends or enrolled in a Texas public, private, or for-profit institution of higher education in the fall semester after receiving an award.  Source: THECB Accountability Report

2016 2017 2018   Threshold
Graduate Success Rate 90.4% 94.3% 92.9% 85.0%
Table 5.  Certificate and Licensure Pass Rates

Galveston College uses certificate and licensure pass rates as its final measure of student achievement.  This measure captures the percentage of students in a technical discipline requiring or offering external certification or licensure who pass a licensure or certification exam during the reporting period.   Source: THECB Accountability Report

2016 2017 2018    Threshold Goal
Certificate/Licensure Pass Rates 88.6% 86.8% 89.8% 85.0%