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Mathematics and Physics

My name is Dr. Jeremy Sain, and I am originally from Wellington, Texas.  I'm proud to say that my parents met and married when they were students at Clarendon College, so Bulldog has been in my blood for a long time!

I attended Texas Tech University, where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Physics.  I then attended UC Berkeley, where I received a Ph.D. in Mathematics.  My current research interests are in quantum synthetic geometry.

Besides math, I also love music.  I can play most stringed instruments, as well as the piano, and I sing bass.  I led the worship on Sunday nights for Howardwick Baptist Church, and also play for the JUMP college ministry on Wednesdays.  I arrange and compose music as well.

I love anime, and I advise the anime club at Clarendon College.  I personally have watched over 400 series.  Here's a link to my anime list.