Compact With Texans

Compact With Texans

Internet Site:

The College’s Internet site will be user-friendly, easy to navigate and contains up-to-date information that is useful to the student/customer. The site will offer key contact names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers for customers seeking information about the College. The site will clearly identify the date that information is updated. The home page for Clarendon College is


Timely Service:

College faculty and staff will respond to customer/student requests for information as close to the time of the request as possible. Faculty and staff will update customers/students about unavoidable wait times and offer other options to meet customers needs. (In such cases where a class schedule is requested,a mailing list will be maintained. Once the schedules have been printed and become available, a schedule will be mailed to all those on the mailing list.)


Printed Information:

Published information, brochures, catalogs, class schedules, and any other information printed and/or published by the College to promote the College or to inform the public about the College, will be published in professional and timely manner and will be up-to-date and accurate.


Complaint Procedure Process

Clarendon College seeks fair, just, and prompt solutions, when possible, to all complaints and grievances. Currently enrolled students wishing to discuss issues regarding student services, student life, student rights, and student obligations should do so through the Office of Student Services. Academic and student services related complaints are to follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Clarendon College Student Handbook, the College Catalog, and/or the Clarendon College Policy Manual. Employees who have concerns should contact their supervisor and should proceed in accordance with College policies and procedures.

Individuals or groups external to the College who have concerns or complaints about a customer service issue should address the concern to the department head in the area involved. If the issue is unresolved, complaints should be directed to one of the College Vice Presidents. The Customer Service Representative may be contacted for issues unresolved at the department or Vice Presidents level or if the customer needs assistance in directing the complaint.

Name and Contact Information of the Customer Service Representative

Mrs. Cindy Lambert
Executive Assistant to the President
Clarendon College
P.O. Box 968
Clarendon, TX 79226

Phone: (806) 874-4808
Fax: (806) 874-1480


THECB - Student Complaints

In accordance with 19 Administrative Code Chapter 1, Subchapter E, students may file written complaints with the Coordinating Board regarding institutions.  19 TAC 1.111(a)

If a student complaint form concerns compliance with the statutes and regulations that the Coordinating Board administers and the Coordinating Board has not referred the complaint to another entity, the Coordinating Board will initiate an investigation, as described in 19 Administrative Code 1.116(b)–(h).  19 TAC 1.111(a), .116(a)

Prior to initiating an investigation, the Coordinating Board shall require the complainant to exhaust all grievance and appeal procedures that the institution has established to address student complaints.  Complainants will be encouraged to consult the institution's website and student handbook, or to contact the institution's student ombudsman, Office of Student Affairs, Office of the General Counsel, or other appropriate administrative official, for information regarding the institution's processes for resolving complaints.  Upon exhaustion of the institution's procedures, the complainant shall inform the Coordinating Board of the outcome of the grievance and appeal procedures and provide all documentation concerning same.  19 TAC 1.116(b)

The following is a non-exhaustive list of student complaints that are not reviewed by the Coordinating Board:0)

  1. The Coordinating Board does not handle, investigate, or attempt to resolve anonymous complaints.
  2. The Coordinating Board does not intervene in matters solely concerning an individual's grades, examination results, or evaluation of academic performance, as these are within the sole purview of the institution and its faculty.
  3. The Coordinating Board does not intervene in matters solely related to student life such as student housing, dining facilities, food service, violations of the Student Code of Conduct, or student activities and organizations, as these issues are within the sole purview of the institution.
  4. The Coordinating Board does not handle, investigate, or attempt to resolve complaints in matters that are or have been in litigation.
  5. The Coordinating Board does not handle, investigate, or attempt to resolve complaints about religious institutions relating solely to their religious (as opposed to secular) standards and religious programs of study.
  6. The Coordinating Board does not handle, investigate, or attempt to resolve student complaints against institutions not authorized by the Coordinating Board to operate in Texas.Institutions authorized by the Coordinating Board to operate in Texas are listed on the following websites: and
  7. The Coordinating Board does not handle, investigate, or attempt to resolve complaints regarding tribal institutions.
  8. The Coordinating Board does not handle, investigate, or attempt to resolve complaints about criminal matters, and instead encourages students to contact local law enforcement authorities regarding these complaints.

After receiving the Coordinating Board staff's recommendation, the Commissioner shall consider the recommendation regarding the complaint and render a written determination thereon.  If the Commissioner finds the complaint is without merit, the Commissioner shall dismiss the complaint.  If the Commissioner finds the complaint has merit, the Commissioner may require the institution to take specific action(s) to remedy the complaint.  In the Commissioner's sole discretion, complaints regarding institutional integrity may be forwarded to the Coordinating Board for its consideration and determination.  The Coordinating Board shall send a copy of the Commissioner's or the Coordinating Board’s, as appropriate, written determination to the complainant and the institution.  As necessary, the Coordinating Board may take all appropriate actions to enforce its determination.  19 TAC 1.119

Instructions on how to file a complaint can be on the THECB's website by clicking here.


Customer Service Performance Measures

Annual surveys will be conducted to measure the student satisfaction with the services of the institution.

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