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Spring 2018 Syllabi

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 382 items in 26 pages
AmedeeI_PHED 1134_ Spring 2018.pdf  
AmedeeI_PHED 2134_Spring 2018.pdf  
Anders_J_DRFT1325 Blueprint reading _Spring_2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 1317 intro layout&fab_Spring_ 2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 1202 Fund Gmaw_Spring_2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 1204 Fund. Oxy Fuel Cutting _Spring_2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 1206 Fundamentals of GTAW_Spring_2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 1305 Metal Arts_Spring_2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 1307 Introduction to Welding_Spring_2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 1337 Metalurgy_Spring_2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 1391 Special Topics_Spring_2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 1428 Intro. to SMAW_Spring_2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 1435 Intro. to Pipe_Spring_2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 1457 Inter. SMAW_Spring_ 2018.pdf  
Anders_J_WLDG 2413 Welding Using Multiple Processes_Spring_2018.pdf