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Award and Disbursement Process

After your financial aid file is complete and all documents have been reviewed, the Financial Aid Office calculates your financial need using a formula defined by the U. S. Department of Education. The formula is:   

Cost of Attendance (COA) less the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) equals Financial Need

NOTE: First priority is given to those students who complete their financial aid file by the appropriate deadline. It usually takes up to two weeks to determine a financial aid award.

Based on your financial need and available funds, a financial aid award is determined or packaged. An award letter is emailed to the email address you provided on your admissions application. To view and accept your award, log into your student portal at

The next step is to apply your financial aid to your tuition and fee statement. Your eligibility and class attendance is reviewed prior to authorizing funds to be applied to your account. Changes in enrollment due to dropping classes or not attending or not participating in class may result in a delay in this process or a reduction in your student aid to the point where you are responsible for paying costs directly to Clarendon College.

After your aid has been applied to your account, the result may be a refund. For more information about refunds, click the Disbursement & Refund Schedule below.

2019-2020 Cost of Attendance

2019-2020 Disbursement & Refund Schedule

*  The 2019-2020 Cost of Attendance is based on current tuition and fees from the 2018-2019 school year and is subject to change by the Clarendon College Board of Regents.

** The 2019-2020 Disbursement & Refund Schedule is based on the current  2019-2020 academic calendar and is subject to change by the Clarendon College Board of Regents.

Admissions: (806) 874-4868
Billing: (806) 874-4849
Financial Aid: (806) 874-4868


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