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 Apply for Admission




You will receive an email from Clarendon College once your application has been received and processed.


Students wishing to apply and register for Dual Credit from Clarendon College must complete the following items.

  1. Submit an application from
  2. Submit college readiness scores. Most high school students from the Clarendon College service area test at the high school and the College already has the scores.  (Directions for submitting scores can be found in the application portal from step 1.)

  3.  Submit a copy of your high school transcript (Directions for submitting the high school transcript can be found  in the application portal from step 1.)

  4. Submit a completed Dual Credit Registration/Permission Form.  This form allows you to select the courses you wish to take. The form can be obtained from your high school dual credit coordinator (usually a high school counselor) and requires a signature from a high school administrator (counselor or principal.)

  5. Make payment arrangements.  Please contact your high school dual credit coordinator for information about payment arrangements.


Dual Credit Application Information

A student who is eligible for a course offered as dual credit at his/her high school must complete an application for admission.
If you are a returning Dual Credit student a new application is NOT necessary.

To be able to self serve, you need to provide your social security number on the application. Be sure the number is correct.
Completing an Application for Admission does not obligate you to take a course
with Clarendon College.
Students will need to complete an application and meet testing requirements
prior to taking Dual Credit courses.
Completing an Application for Admission is NOT the same as signing up
(registering) for a class. You will register for classes at the beginning of
each semester.

NOTE: When students register for their high school classes, that is different than being registered for dual credit courses through Clarendon College. The high schools and the college use separate student information systems, so they are separate registrations.

For information contact your high school dual credit coordinator
Janean Reish

Need Help?

If you are having trouble completing the application for admission, ask for help.
You may contact one of the following:
CC: (806)874-3571 or (800)687-9737
Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
The Registrar's Office: (806)874-4804
Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.