Dual Credit HS Parent Resources

Parent Pointers

Your support is your teenager’s most important resource. It doesn’t matter whether or not you went to college- you can encourage your student and assure them that college is important.  With this support you can help them far more than anyone else can.

1.  Prepare Them For What Is Ahead

College requires a tremendous amount of student responsibility.

  • College personnel will not monitor your students' progress on a daily basis.  
  • College personnel will not remind your student to complete and submit assignments.
  • Students should be prepared to do most of their learning on their own.
  • Self-motivation and discipline are important
  • The general rule is:  For every one hour spent in class, college students should spend two hours of class reading, studying, and completing assignments.


2.  Let Them Do It On Their Own

Dual Credit students are treated no differently than any other Clarendon College student.

  • Communication regarding Clarendon College students is restricted due to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). College personnel will work directly with the student regarding their courses and records. See FERPA tab for more information.
  • College is the time for parents to make the transition from being the primary advocate to becoming a supporter and encourager.
  • Help your teenagers learn by instilling the message that their academic success depends on their taking responsibility for their own education.


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