Dual Credit HS Process

Dual Credit Process

To enter the Dual Credit Program with Clarendon College, a student must go through several steps. They are as follows:

  1. Talk to the high school counselor or other designated dual credit high school contact to determine eligibility and select classes by completing the dual credit form.
  2. Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements for admission into the Dual Credit program must be met. This is based on successful completion of the TSIA2 (Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2). Students may be eligible to exempt the TSIA2 for dual credit based on EOC, ACT, or SAT. If the student's scores on these tests do not exempt the student from taking the TSIA2, the student will take the TSIA2. See “Testing Requirements.” The test scores used for eligibility must be on file with Clarendon College. Certain dual credit courses may not require the TSAI2. The high school counselor can provide more details on courses without a TSIA2 requirement for dual credit.
  3. Complete an application for admission to Clarendon College (first-time dual credit students only). Apply for Admission here. Completing an Application for admission does not enroll/register students for classes. THIS STEP IS CRITICAL. A student is not active in the Clarendon College system until a completed application is submitted.
  4. The high school will send the student's current high school transcript to the College.
  5. Students taking dual credit cosmetology classes at the Clarendon College Amarillo Center, Pampa Center, or Childress Center are required to submit documentation of current bacterial meningitis immunization. Documentation must show the immunization has been administered within the past five years.
  6. College staff will register you for the dual credit classes. The student's courses will be listed in the student portal once registration has been completed.
  7. Once registration is complete and all of the student's courses are visible in the student portal, please make payment in the student portal, unless your high school has informed you otherwise.
  8. Purchase books. Check with the high school to verify whether the student is responsible or if the school will purchase the books. Books may be purchased here through the College bookstore.
  9. Attend class. On the first day of class, online dual credit classes will be available in Moodlerooms, which can be accessed on the Clarendon College website or in the Clarendon College student portal. Students in online classes are expected to login and begin their coursework on the first day of class.
  10. Final grades will be posted in the student portal at the end of the semester, and the College registrar will send student grades to the high schools at that time.

Use the Dual Credit Checklist to track your progress in completing the admissions and registration process.

Dual Credit students are held to the same requirements and standards as other college students.  Refer to the course syllabus for each course for details.

To drop or withdraw from a dual credit class, please speak with your high school's dual credit contact and they will communicate the student's request to the College. The Clarendon College student portal will reflect the student's enrollment status. It is the student's responsibility to verify in the student portal that he/she has been dropped or withdrawn as requested. Please note: withdrawing from a college course may affect future financial aid eligibility. See the Financial Aid Implications page for more information.
 Once a student has graduated high school, the final official high school transcript must be submitted to the College.
If the student plans to continue taking classes with Clarendon College after graduation, the student must submit a new application for admission to the College. This updates the student's record from a dual credit student to a traditional college student.
 To transfer completed dual credit courses to another college or university, students must request an official Clarendon College transcript. Use the "Request Transcripts" button below.


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